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Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: E557
product number: E557
product name: Four Wheel Electric Skateboard
Max load weight: 120kg
Application: For Child or Adult
Type: Remote Control Skateboard
Ideal for: Outdoor Sports

Hermosa Electric Longboard at a Glance

The Hermosa Electric Longboard is a hyper-proficient electric skate board marvel, offered by The Ollie Board; a brand that has devoted its state of the art innovative phenomenon’s for every kind of skater; may they be a pro or beginner indulged in the hobby of gliding across any surface.

This advanced mode of commute is the perfect answer for all those who are quick to show their punch for going over-board with them. Furthermore, the brand offers a wide array of tremendous electric longboards, electric mountain boards and electric skateboards for all the skating enthusiasts to feature their dynamo. The Hermosa Electric Longboard, regardless of one’s expertise level; generates the most convenient solution to address a skate boarder’s issues.

What Does it do?

The Hermosa Electric Longboard's fundamental objective is to furnish its clients with ease, satisfaction, fulfillment and an affordable answer to suit their necessities.

One can be certain beyond a shadow of doubt, about the affordable pricing, superior grade, uniqueness, prompt customer assistance and safety when shopping for The Hermosa Electric Longboard that comes with a wide choice of Skateboard Accessories, ideal for electric longboards, mountain boards and electric skateboards.

Key Features of Hermosa Electric Longboard

  • The Hermosa Electric Longboard is truly a flawless solution for a boarder, to get an upscale, marvelous and stylishly hip longboard deck, along with durable longboard wheels, and other additional gears and supplementary accessories to make you glide more seamlessly and give you a proficiently powerful ride, build in accordance to your own choice.
  • The Hermosa Electric Longboard is an incredible choice at a somewhat moderately affordable cost. This long board includes a 350 Watt Electric Motor, which guarantees an ascension point of up to 30 degrees.
  • Likewise, the engine is exceptionally brushless, that in a universe of advanced technology and unique power tools, is the current fixation and fury.
  • The brushless engine of this high level ride prompts creating a leading body of more prominent effectiveness and with a profoundly strong engine.
  • The brushless power motor of this longboard results in a coordinated stopping mechanism, coaxial reduction gearbox and dynamic speed recognition framework.
  • In addition to that, this technology marvel; the Hermosa Electric Longboard, is an excellent, safe and an undeniably genius invention offered by The Ollie Board.
  • The electric longboard features everything from superbly chic electric longboards to budget-friendly mechanized skateboards.
  • Thus, the machine has an answer for all your driving necessities and commuting requirements, that can be conveniently handpicked; anything from the boarder’s preferred grip tape to electric longboard decks, trucks, wheels, headings and other equipment that goes on the skateboard
  • The Hermosa Electric Longboard is introduced by The Ollie Board, where the actual board itself is made of maple wood.
  • The e-board offers a mix of on-street and rough terrain usefulness while showcasing itself as perhaps the most reasonable electric skateboards around, economically.

Furthermore, this futuristic e-board can be handily utilized on any surface including trails, bitumen streets, slopes, lopsided asphalts, uneven terrain and so forth.  Yet, the question of this electric longboard battery life and longevity always comes into play. It is vital for the machine to have a decent battery to control it. This longboard highlights a 26 Volt battery, which can assist the rider with make around 10 miles of coverage on a solitary charge. Far superior, a full charge requires only one and a half hours finishing one complete circle.

Specifications of Hermosa Electric Longboard

  • One of the most significant aspects of this unique electric board is that The Hermosa is no toy. It is an ultra-modern and hyper-efficient mode of commute, driving at a 350 Watt brushless direct circuit engine, producing sufficient energy from the 26-volt battery to fire this machine up to almost 13 MPH as it travels around 10 miles on a singular charge.
  • Furthermore, a gander at the components and features of this electric longboard, one may lead to confuse the Hermosa with a fully functional car since it comes with an intricately fashioned integrated breaking mechanism, comprising of 6 inch wheels, a coaxial reduction gearbox, and an exclusive speed recognition framework that will keep riders whizzing directly along.
  • Additionally, the entire bundle sits on top of a board created from durable maple wood for expanded steadiness and cornering capacity. In any case, while the Hermosa Electric Longboard presents all the electric longboard significance that experts can deal with, it runs with top tier heat dispersal innovation that helps make it simple for new riders and amateurs to bounce on and get the hang of skating. The machine can also deal to handle some of the difficult tasks for you, by producing sufficient power to flood itself up a comparatively steep; 30-degree slope.
  • One can easily buy Electric Longboard to fulfill their need to voyage around on all sorts of surfaces. The Hermosa Electric Longboard retails for $450. However, at this moment; this advanced machinery is being offered at a discounted price of only $399.99 for a limited time frame. The Hermosa Electric Longboard comes in a crate where all things are new and even accompanies one year of guarantee (with the exception of tires).

Worthy to Buy and Pay your Hard-earned Money?

Summing it all up, the times where once the simple old skateboards scurried through, presently, modern day consumers are searching for a board that can not only shred like before, but also actually fills in the need of practical transportation for short trips in and out of town. Lastly, The Hermosa Electric Longboard is all set to serve as a sharp reminder of how cool and unique it is and will probably continue to give people the adventure of a lifetime.

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