About Us

Following the Craze of Skateboarding

Once in our lifetime, we all get that feeling to go over-board; that passion to feel the thunders, to have fun in its rawest form. The Ollie Board is dedicated to boost this craze and zing and give a new meaning to your day-to-day commuting.

At The Ollie Board, we brought to you a wide range of dynamic, advance and snazzy electric rides to make your commute life more thrilling and enjoyable with every second and minute. The exclusive longboards and skateboards are painstakingly made to perfection to meet the exceptional standards of pro-skaters and skateboarding frenzies.

With an aspiration to deliver the best; we bring you the best electric skateboards and longboards from trusted vendors. We believe as the outstanding longboards in the world by successfully combining the best in longboard and skateboard designs with the lightest, smartest and most efficient in electric motor technology. This is why we are able to put at your disposal the best quality products at affordable rates.

Our aim is to provide you with safe, ideal and budget-friendly commuting solutions, to make your every jaunt exhilarating and worth-taking.


Our Mission:

Go Green & Over-Board with The Ollie Board

Pollution is one of the major nemesis and the biggest reason behind ecosystem destruction. Cars and other major commuting vehicles emit carbon and other greenhouse gases that trap heat in the environment, leading it towards global warming.

At The Ollie Board, we believe in a safer and cleaner environment and hence, our mission is to remove as many carbon footprints as possible with the advanced and electric skateboards. We are committed to contribute our part in making this earth a friendly place for humans again. This is why, we started with going friendly with our ecosystem.

Reduce Commuting Costs and Bringing Skateboarding to Light

Fuel-reliant cars and vehicles do not only ruin the environment but also get pretty heavy on your pocket. Fuel charges can vary from place to place, but they can still cost you a good, hefty amount for a month. Either you need to go to a nearby superstore or college; you are surely going to lose some money every time in fuel cost.

At The Ollie Board, our mission is to make commuting fun and affordable for everyone. Our electric skateboards are made using advanced technology, that doesn’t take much electricity, and gives you long-range when fully charged; which means no extra bills.

We also aim to bring skateboarding culture to light and let everyone experience the fun of ‘Ollie’ once in their lifetime.

Our Values:

Committed To Society, Skateboarding and Fun

High quality: At The Ollie Board, we never compromise on the quality and standards of products, we put on our site; thus, deliver nothing but the best. These products are able to stand out from the rest in terms of quality, value and enjoyment because of diligent focus on details and passion to innovate.
Safety and Protection: Protection of any skater rolling down the street having these products beneath is our valuable customer, and their protection and safety is our top-most priority. All the skate or longboard at The Ollie Board are tested on international standards so you can always feel secure riding on them.
Customer Satisfaction: At the Ollie Board, customer satisfaction is of great importance and value. Our active customer support is dedicated to listen to your queries and give you ideal and best solutions.